We are proud to announce that the future of 9ers Baseball Club will be evolving into a 9ers Players Academy this summer. This is something that we have always wanted to do as a program, but never had the chance until now. The Summer season is usually very limited with practices and time to develop the players because of all the traveling around playing tournaments and games. As you all know we take pride in developing our players into the best they can possibly be, and there is no better time than now to capitalize on this great opportunity.

The 9ers Players Academy concept will give us the ability to develop our players even further with access to all of our coaches on staff this summer something that we have always wished to have. There will be multiple practices each week and inter-squad games being played on the weekends. The players will get the most out of this during the week. They will be split into full team practices, position specific days, hitting days, bullpen days, Live AB's and conditioning/training days. The weekend will consist of inter-squad games and double headers when possible.

The other great addition to this announcement is the ability to video record and archive the player's development throughout the Summer. Recordings of individuals will be held during the week and weekend games will be live streamed with video playback for future viewing. This will make it easier for all of our college coaches contacts to watch us play rather than having us go to them. We will still be doing a small bit of traveling but this helps in all areas of traveling more and those added expenses.

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